Redefining What Matters
One of the most common challenges I encounter when talking with our partners is how can you create and use a data set that dives deeper than race and zip code to not only satisfy reporting requirements from current and potential funders but drive real change and progress?
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What's Up At COMET - Western NY
Our mission of assessments, outcomes, accountability, and collaboration first took root in Western NY, and here it flourishes. Here is a look at what we have been up to.
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Virtual Data Sharing Workshop
Join us for a workshop-style roundtable discussion with other child-serving organizations in various stages of the collaborative process. Everyone will leave with an understanding of the possibility of a collaborative approach and the steps necessary to be ready to implement it.
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Healthcare Integration
With help from our partners, the COMET team has been working hard to bring together the ongoing work in the community with health and human services organizations. These organizations include pediatricians, obstetricians, early childhood health care organizations, and child developmental...
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This new import gives our users the ability to bulk import different types of data by reading the User's file field names and allows the user to link their fields to COMET Fields without having to manipulate their data to fit
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