What's Up At COMET - Western NY

17.03.22 08:14 PM By Samantha Lape

Improving Outcomes For Children With Data

Our mission of assessments, outcomes, accountability, and collaboration first took root in Western NY, and here it flourishes. Here is a look at what we have been up to.


Get Ready To GROW Rochester

  • Future Expansion Scalability: COMET is providing the opportunity for future expansion of the GROW collaborative through the ability to add or remove service providers with multiple locations to provide GROW screening services to the Monroe County community with the plan of expanding to 13 counties in New York State.
  • Relationships: COMET is a relationship-based system, which has been configured to maintain the security of PII Data across the collaborative. Each service provider only has access to their assigned client's data and services offered at their locations. This data is aggregated into reporting for the full GROW collaborative to identify needs by using result-based measures to help guide families to available community resources.
  • Portal: COMETs Portal allows for parents to have full access to their family's information, GROW resources, Instruments, and provides a direct communication path to their GROW Navigator for any additional needs or requests.


Rochester Early Childhood Assessment Partnership (RECAP) 

  • COVID Response (Virtual Learning Attendance): COMET provides the ability to create virtual attendance codes to maintain data collection in the virtual learning landscape. This tool helps provide teachers with the ability to have consistent attendance data on their classrooms regardless of physical location
  • Brigance Calculator: COMET has added a date of birth calculator to the Brigance Suite of instruments, to help screeners select the proper tool based on a child’s age.  With the focus on result-based learning, this feature helps increase the accuracy of data through automation.


Rochester Central School District

  • NEW Instrument (Brigance - 1st Grade): COMET has added the Brigance 1st Grade Instrument. RCSD has continued its focus on result-based data by increasing the range of the Brigance instrument options offered in COMET by an additional year to help create a historical record for each individual student's development.


Boys & Girls Club of Buffalo

  • Membership/Fee Tracking Champion: COMET has assisted BGC Buffalo to configure their system to do all of their site charges/financials, memberships, and linked it with their accounting codes for easy transition of data to their accounting platform.

    If your community is doing (or would like to be doing) similar work we would love to help. Let's chat about your kids!
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    Written by: Brett Maddock, Product Manager

Samantha Lape