Who We Are (John Chapman)
Our new CEO, John Chapman, has received the interrogation. Let's see how he did...
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COMET Announces New CEO
With nearly 40 years of experience in the technology industry that include start-ups and fortune 500 companies alike, Chapman is excited about joining the COMET team...
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Our Story Makes Us Unique
COMET Informatics (COMET 4 Children) was developed out of a partnership between two leading experts in their fields...
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Expanding Assessments & Instruments Catalog
SMART Moves uses a team approach that involves Club staff, peer leaders, parents, and community
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Sharing Information To Serve Children
In Community Data Sharing Initiatives - Community Collaboratives - participants share information regarding the children they serve. It is essential to have a clear definition of how the sharing is managed and authorized and which information is shared.
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