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Informed Decisions.  Empowered by COMET.

COMET Program Management

Managing operations for your organization on one platform.  Record, manage and report on the metrics that matter most to your mission.  Attendance for programs, classes and activities, results from instrument data, fees and membership data come together to create a comprehensive data set that you can use to inform everything from program choices to funder requests. 

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COMET Program Management Modules and Features

COMET Core Functions

Person ManagementCreate and manage records for students, their families, staff and administrators.  Configure templates or manage individual access levels to fit your organization’s unique needs. 

Site Structure - Differentiate where your data comes from by creating sites for every place you collect data.  Use the COMET School of Origin Tool to identify school enrollment at the individual level for another layer of data. 

Online Registration ToolCustomizable online application form that will create students and parent records with one-click.

Demographic ReportingComprehensive reporting package to show who makes up the population you serve.

STAR FilterUse nearly any field to create a customized, savable, and shareable filter to apply to reports across COMET. 

Attendance Management

Program and Class Management Build the class structure that fits your organization and data organization needs. 

Class AttendancePresent/absent or Time In/Time Out recording options allow you to capture the level of detail you need about your programs and classes. 

Front Desk AttendanceUse any barcode scanner to allow your students to check themselves into, or out of, programs or classes

Program and Class Reporting - Complete suite of reporting to monitor and inform attendance performance

Instrument Module

Instrument CatalogAt over 400 instruments, select or build the tools you need to collect and measure the data that is important to your mission.

Assessment SchedulerSchedule your screenings and monitor the completion progress. 

ReportingAnalyze your data and track your outcome measures with the comprehensive reporting package for all instruments, screenings and assessments. 

Optional Modules and Functions 

CommunicationsPhone, email and text anyone from within COMET. 

ConsentCollect and manage consent programs

Staff ManagementTrack, manage and report on attendance and training program classes for staff or volunteers. 

Impact Stories
Boys and Girls Clubs of Rochester
Afterschool and summer programming attendance linked to improved in-school attendance. 

Products and Modules:
  • COMET Core
  • Attendance Module
  • Instrument Module
  • Communications

Greater Rochester Summer Learning Association

Preventing summer learning loss by strengthening early childhood programs through better, consistent data collection and impactful reporting. 

Products and Modules:

  • COMET Core Functions
  • Attendance Module
  • Communications
  • Consent Management
Boys and Girls Clubs of Buffalo

Acclaimed western New York afterschool and summer programming organization streamlined operation and improved outcomes for its members. 

Products and Modules:

  • COMET Core Functions
  • Attendance Module
  • Instrument Module
  • Communications
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