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Digital Communication

Original Posting 24.01.17

This post is for leaders that are trying to understand the role of social media in their professional lives.

As a lifelong learner and a technology leader in my 50's, the current environment of communications poses many challenges, as well as opportunities. It has never ...

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COMET Connection

Original Posting 15.06.17

It’s Monday, the children are starting to roll in and you’ve already prepped your area. Scanner plugged in: check; Unsupervised Scan window opened: check; and on top of that, everyone remembered their cards. With all of your i’s dotted and t’s crossed, you waive the child up...

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Let's Consider Login Authentication

Original Posting 18.10.17

Have you heard about two-factor authentication (2FA)? Do you know if it already is a part of your life? If you do, what do you think about it? Are you happy about it or do you find it annoying? (And the answers you give might be affected by whether you have been a victim of ...

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COMET Parent Portal
One of the most exciting developments to come from COMET is happening - The COMET Parent Portal!
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Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting
COMET: An Integrated Data Platform To Help Kids
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