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Advanced Modules & Tools

Member Management, Membership

Member Management

  • Accounting features for fees associated with membership
  • Track membership dates
  • View account balances
  • Print receipts
  • View statements and audit trails
Staff Tracking, Volunteer Tracking, Attendance Features, Reporting

Staff/Volunteer Tracking

  • Attendance features 
    • Present/Absent or Duration
    • Reporting
  • Create customized barcode IDs
  • Facilitate payroll processing and volunteer tracking
Consent, Parental Consent

Consent Management

  • Upload consent documents & ensure full compliance with parental requests
    • Valid until date
    • Signed by & witness
    • Scanned paper copies
    • Track consent end dates
Immunization Management

Immunization Management

  • Define the types of immunizations you wish to track
  • Track immunization dates
  • Ability for reporting
  • Alerts and reminders
Communication Management, Phone, Text, Email

Communication Management

  • Communications hub for emergencies
    • Alerts / Announcements / Updates
  • Phone/Text/Email mass messaging
    • Phone / Text / Email

Parent Portal, HIPAA, FERPA, Parents

COMET Portal (Parent & Org)

  • Web-based & Mobile-friendly
  • HIPAA/FERPA compliant 
  • Parent & CBO Views
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Member Management, Membership

Service & Case Management

  • Track services provided on an individual basis such as mentoring, tutoring or family support services (translation, legal support, food, etc.)
  • Extensive reporting allows for measuring counts, dosage and costs
  • Records can be closed immediately (service rendered), left open (service in progress) or referred

COMET Instruments, Mobile App, Survey, Assessment

COMET Instruments

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