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We Are; We Are Not

Original Posting 07.03.18

This blog post is a long time coming; we did this exercise as a team around Thanksgiving (yeah, I know, that was a while ago). But, I’m excited to finally have some time to put this together and share it. We asked everyone to finish the sentences ‘We are…’ and ‘We are n...

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COMET Tips & Tricks - Data Elements

Original Posting 15.03.18

We thought it might help to provide an overview on data available in COMET because who doesn't love to talk about data?! [wink, wink] But seriously, COMET is fundamentally "child centric", meaning that the system is designed to record data that serve or r...

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COMET's Inaugural Corporate Challenge

Original Posting 24.05.18

Being part of a team is one of the best things about working at COMET. Our common mission to support the success of children is one that resonates with each and every employee. Being part of a team - for example a sports team - is a particularly human experience that in its ...

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Who We Are - Brandon Wright
Learn more about the people behind the company, working to support our customers and improve outcomes for kids.
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A New Year for COMET
With 2019 approaching, we wanted to take some time and share with you our thoughts for what next year will bring.
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