Who We Are (John Chapman)

27.04.21 02:13 PM By Samantha Lape

Meet Our New CEO

In true COMET fashion, our new CEO is not exempt from the "Who We Are" questionnaire. 

The interrogation went as expected and we learned a few things... take a look. 

Name: John Chapman

Title: CEO

My industry background has been in the areas of Software, Cloud/SaaS, Telecom, Managed Services, and Mobile with Leadership roles on a global basis in Sales, Marketing, Product Mgt./Dev, Operations, Customer Experience, and M&A.

Why COMET? I am excited about the emerging product offerings and the customer segments we serve to help enhance and improve a variety of outcomes in our communities.

Give me one word that describes you the best. Collaborative


  • Food: Italian and variety of BBQ
  • Movies: Documentary and Action movies (storytelling is key)
  • Song: You Got a Friend (big fan of Jazz, Rock, Classical, Blues and great songwriters)
  • Sunday Afternoon Activity: Biking, Hiking, Golf, and Fishing 

  • What goal(s) do you have for COMET? 

    Become the dominant partner/supplier via product innovation in the markets we serve to create value for our customers, partners, staff, and key stakeholders.

    Please join us in welcoming John to the team!

    COMET CEO John Chapman

    Samantha Lape