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Sharing Information To Serve Children
In Community Data Sharing Initiatives - Community Collaboratives - participants share information regarding the children they serve. It is essential to have a clear definition of how the sharing is managed and authorized and which information is shared.
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Privacy Concerns with Data Sharing for Child Success

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Stating concern for privacy, schools sometimes will not get involved in data sharing with community organizations or initiatives. Although permissible under federal law, the schools struggle with this change – whether from having an insular culture, resistance to change or a...

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The Value of Parent Consent

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...and by value, we mean necessity. If your programs are collecting data about the children and youth enrolled, you have hopes of sharing that data outside of your organization and you know parent consent is needed, here are some things to think about.

We work with a lot of o...

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COMET Parent Portal
One of the most exciting developments to come from COMET is happening - The COMET Parent Portal!
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