NEW TCRS Percentile Report

08.07.20 02:52 PM By Samantha Lape

New Primary Project Report

Exciting news - there’s a new report in COMET!  It’s called the TCRS Percentile Report and is located under tabs Admin > Instruments reports.  Look in the section ‘Group Data Reports’ – it’s the last report on the list.

Why is it there?  We heard from multiple Primary Project teams that wanted a Pre/Post report that actually focused on students in the domains with pre percentiles at or below the 30th percentile – children ‘At Risk’ (16th to 30th) and at ‘High Risk’ (0 to 15th). 

What does it (or can it) do?  When selecting Primary Project participants, the TCRS is used as a tool to help facilitate this process. Typically children with one or more scores in the ‘At Risk’ area are selected.  This report allows you to see the pre/post results by domain (Task Orientation, Behavior Control, Assertiveness, Peer Social) for only those children.  Students above the 30th percentile not presenting needs aren’t included.  The report defaults to showing graphs for all domains with a percentile range from 0 to 30.  Like other reports, you can filter on:  School, Grade, and Group (such as Cycle 1 or Cycle 2).  In addition, one or all domains can be selected and the percentile range can be modified. You might want to see only children falling between the 15th and 30th percentiles. It’s your choice!  Another nice feature of this report is it lists the students along with their pre, post, and difference scores. 

Another request we heard was for a One Time report that only lists children falling in the ‘At Risk’ range to help in the selection process.  The report does this also!  For example, after you screen in the fall, select ‘One Time’ in the filter and the date range screening occurred – e.g., 10/1 to 10/30.  The report defaults to listing all students that fall at or below the 30th percentile in any domain.  Again, the percentile range can be adjusted. 

We hope you find this report useful, possibly in other ways than what’s mentioned above. 


Primary Project

Primary Project is a national evidence-based program that helps children in Pre-K through third grade adjust to school, gain confidence, social skills, and focus on learning. Begun in 1957, Primary Project is the foundational program of Children’s Institute. Schools who implement Primary Project use COMET to screen children in the early grades and identify those who may benefit from the program, they then complete pre-post assessments on COMET to monitor progress and report on results. Having the assessment tools available online, as opposed to paper, has increased response rates up to 98% and reduced turn-out time for results from weeks to instantly!


Written by our not-for-profit partner, Children's Institute.


Samantha Lape