Who We Are - Andrew (Andy) Remillard

18.02.20 09:29 PM By Samantha Lape

The newest COMET team member, Andrew (Andy) Remillard, celebrated his 1-month anniversary with an interrogation from yours truly. 
I turned on the single swinging lightbulb, the CEO stood on the other side of the two-way mirror, and we got down to business.

      1. Choose three words to describe your 1st month at COMET?
        Exciting. Overwhelming. Exceedingly positive (That is four, but I'm sticking with my adjective).
      2. Have you been surprised by anything you've learned thus far?
        It should not have been a huge surprise, but there is so much passion in our space.  COMET sits at the intersection of software and people helping kids.  The organizations we partner with are built on an unwavering commitment to setting up every child with the best path to a successful life.  It's invigorating to be around.   
      3. What was your 1st work-related accomplishment here at COMET?
        Not my singular accomplishment, but to attend a press conference on day 5 to hear about the work The Children's InstituteThe Children's Agenda, COMET and our congressman, Rep. Joe Morelli, did to bring in a large grant to expand early intervention screening for kids made me believe I made the right choice joining the team. 
      4. If you could add one thing to COMET's office, what would it be? 
        Ball pit?  Indoor driving range?  Red Bull dispenser for the software engineers?  Honestly, it is a wonderful, supportive, welcoming place to work.  A lot of workplaces use the word "team".  COMET embodies it. 
      5. What project are you most looking forward to working on in the coming months?
        What isn't exciting?  We are having conversations about creating additional School-Age Collaboratives. We pushing forward toward on integrating medical systems into our existing collaborations.  Creating a space for parents, schools, out-of-school time organizations and medical professionals to communicate about the kids they serve.  2020 is the year of bridges, not silos (I'm sure there is a hashtag waiting to happen...). 
      6. Is there anything you want COMET clients and partners to know about you?
        Personally, I have an amazing family (World's best wife and two wonderful little boys).  I spend as much time as I can with them.  Also, I am an avid runner (Notice "avid", not "fast"), spending as much time on our beautiful upstate New York single track as I can muster.  Professionally, learning the missions of all our partners is helping give me a clearer perspective on how we can continue to grow and improve COMET.  Please reach out to me and give me your feedback or shoot me an email to tell more about your organization so we help each other build a stronger community. 

If I missed anything go ahead and reach out.... or just say "Hi".
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Written by: Samantha Lape, Marketing Manager

Samantha Lape