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Children's Institute - strengthening social and emotional health

Children's Institute is our not-for-profit partner.
We work hand-in-hand to support the success of children.

Social and Emotional Health

Children's Institute uses COMET to collect and report on data that will be used by schools, child care centers and other youth organizations to strengthen the social and emotional health of each child in their program. Children's Institute partners with community agencies and schools to develop the social and emotional health of children by assisting with the implementation of evidence-based prevention and early intervention programs, providing a range of trainings, assessments and services to support those who work with children, and conducting research and evaluation to continuously improve efforts that support children's positive growth and development. 

COMET is Children's Institute's Data Collection and Reporting Tool

There is a growing awareness and advocacy amongst key leaders to leverage COMET and Children's Institute for powerful community impact. As the data collection and reporting tool embedded in Children's Institute's services delivery, the COMET system is a critical differentiator in responding to and fulfilling large community projects. The reliable, secure COMET system provides the infrastructure that enables the Children's Institute team to deliver services to organizations that work with children by providing:

  • Operational savings to both Children's Institute and their customers, with faster survey and assessment response and rapid expansion of offered services.
  • Added value by providing a growing complement of features to address community needs. An increasing number of key projects at Children's Institute leverage COMET either to maintain current business or to expand into new areas.

Children's Institute Screening and Assessment Tools

Children’s Institute offers screening and assessment tools that can be completed on COMET to satisfy school entry screening requirements and much more. By using Children's Institute assessments with COMET, schools can gain information about individual students and the overall population of incoming students. And, if you are satisfied with your school’s current screening instruments but need assistance managing and using data, COMET could be the answer. Most any instrument and screening tool can be uploaded, giving educators a centralized system of usable information to help children succeed.  Examples of Children's Institute's tools in COMET include:

  • T-CRS: Using the nationally normed, 32 item Teacher Child Rating Scale 2.1 (T-CRS), educators will get information about student task orientation, behavior control, peer social skills, and cognitive ability that helps them with student placement and grouping decisions.

  • PACE: Demographics, risk indicators, and life experiences are captured in the Parent Appraisal of Children’s Experiences (PACE), which is completed by parents of incoming students

If you use the assessment measures produced by Children's Institute, then COMET is available to help you improve the efficiency of your evaluation efforts by allowing you to move away from paper-based assessments to an electronic system. With COMET you can screen, monitor, and evaluate children served in real-time. The data is accessible immediately - no lag time due to mailing in completed forms and waiting for summary reports. Users can evaluate the data from multiple levels - by the individual, by group, by grade, and by school. With flexible reporting, COMET allows you to understand and demonstrate the impact of a program for the children it serves.

Children's Institute - Early Childhood Programs

Primary Project is the foundational program of Children’s InstituteEarly childhood administrators and educators look to Children’s Institute for services, training, programs and partnerships that can make positive and measurable differences in early childhood education efforts.

GROW-Rochester is a comprehensive initiative that integrates screenings for three-year-olds to identify needs in hearing, vision, dental health, language and speech, cognitive, and social-emotional development. COMET tracks each child’s data which allows for follow-up reporting and analysis of trends, and supports a parent portal to fully engage and inform parents.

RECAP is a community-wide assessment process that improves the quality of programs for three- and four-year-olds, including prekindergarten classrooms. Over 2,000 children and 170 classrooms are assessed annually with data stored in COMET for ongoing tracking and analysis.

Primary Project from Children's Institute

Primary Project is a national evidence-based program that helps children in Pre-K through third grade adjust to school, gain confidence, social skills, and focus on learning. Begun in 1957, Primary Project is the foundational program of Children’s Institute. Schools who implement Primary Project use COMET to screen children in the early grades and identify those who may benefit from the program, they then complete pre-post assessments on COMET to monitor progress and report on results. Having the assessment tools available online, as opposed to paper, has increased response rates up to 98% and reduced turn-out time for results from weeks to instantly!

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