Do you have Chronic Spreadsheet Fatigue?

Original Posting 14.02.17

You know who you are. You may be a small but expanding organization, using the original way you developed to track data for your business. You may be a medium-size nonprofit that has been awarded a grant that now needs a way to regularly provide outcome reports. You may be a...

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summerLEAP - Joyous Optimism

Original Posting 16.03.17

We promise to instill in our students a belief in their abilities, an understanding of their potential for achievement, and a joyous spirit of optimism about the future.

The Greater Rochester Summer Learning Association (GRSLA), or summerLEAP, strives to transform the li...

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When its Time for Renewal

Original Posting 18.04.17

There is nothing quite like springtime in upstate New York.

It’s mid-April, the sun is shining, the grass is greening and the flowers are budding.  It is a time where people are filled with energy to “get out there” and confront obstacles and make the changes they know t...

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COMET Connection

Original Posting 15.06.17

It’s Monday, the children are starting to roll in and you’ve already prepped your area. Scanner plugged in: check; Unsupervised Scan window opened: check; and on top of that, everyone remembered their cards. With all of your i’s dotted and t’s crossed, you waive the child up...

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What Makes for Effective Training? - Part 1

Original Posting 02.08.17

We get it. Learning a new database comes with a few challenges and can be intimidating, even overwhelming. For starters, you have  to rethink processes, the way things have always been done. Then you have to sit through multiple hours of training that will still leave y...

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