What Makes for Effective Training? - Part 1

28.01.20 02:38 PM By Samantha Lape

Original Posting 02.08.17

We get it. Learning a new database comes with a few challenges and can be intimidating, even overwhelming. For starters, you have  to rethink processes, the way things have always been done. Then you have to sit through multiple hours of training that will still leave you with some questions. We understand this and no one is expected is to leave an initial training being a wiz, but we do expect that you’ll have been provided with enough information to enable you to do the basics and continue to build your knowledge-base. In order for this to be done, there are a couple of things that the trainee can do to help ensure a successful training session:

      1. Be Punctual - Learning something new can be tough and when some people show up on time and ready only to be delayed by one or two people showing up late that creates frustration and isn’t conducive to learning.
      2. Be Prepared - Again, there’s no amount of training that could be provided in day one to make you feel like an expert. However, there are documents and tutorials we send out to prepare you for the topics that will be discussed. If you’re ready to learn, take a few minutes and read through what’s been provided to you, it can’t hurt.