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Expanding Assessments & Instruments Catalog
SMART Moves uses a team approach that involves Club staff, peer leaders, parents, and community
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COMET Tips & Tricks - Data Elements

Original Posting 15.03.18

We thought it might help to provide an overview on data available in COMET because who doesn't love to talk about data?! [wink, wink] But seriously, COMET is fundamentally "child centric", meaning that the system is designed to record data that serve or r...

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Our Work With Chemung County & CIDS

Original Posting 10.05.18

From healthy birth weight to school readiness, Chemung County is on the path to tracking the developmental progress of all children from birth to age 5. The project started years ago with school districts wanting to look at school readiness. They worked with Children's ...

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Interested in Protective Factors?
COMET is now implementing The Protective Factors Survey (PFS).
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Social Emotional Intelligence Is Essential To A Whole Child Health Approach
October is Emotional Wellness & Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month. We at COMET have noticed, and are celebrating, the increased awareness of the importance of social emotional learning (SEL) and the whole health of a child.
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