COMET & United Way
The United Way Organizations have a well-earned reputation for using ground-breaking approaches to achieve their goals. 
They have also been at the forefront of funders in tracking outcomes of the programs in which it invests.

​COMET is assisting United Way organizations with customizable data management software.

Using COMET as an evaluation tool offers a range of features including:

  • A systematic way to record the information consistently 
  • Access to program data from any internet-connected computer 
  • Integration of evaluation into providers’ work, a key goal for United Way 
  • Easy monitoring of provider success in data collection
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Data Sharing
United Way can share the information it collects via COMET with other important constituencies, including:

  • Program Providers: United Way can generate customized reports for providers. It’s a great tool for conversation and improvement. COMET gives real-time information so they know right away how to intervene and improve. 
  • Donors: From a funder’s perspective, COMET easily complements their accountability work, program oversight, and investment analysis, in a cost- and time-efficient way. 
  • The Community: COMET offers a wealth of data on United Way’s results, which can influence and inform other community efforts. 
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