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    Whole Child Health Collaborative
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Every Child Has A Story...COMET Has The Details.

Real-time data when you need it.

Whole Child Health Collaborative addresses the needs and analyzes the data of children through the sharing of information between families, schools, child-serving organizations, and the community. Our Whole Child Health Collaborative approach built upon the School-Age Collaborative offering with the addition of medical data tracking. It helps to ensure that every child is healthy, safe, engaged, and supported in a way that provides for improved outcomes.

Community Data Sharing Documents: Overview & Key Concepts  | White Paper  | Customer Perspective  | Key Considerations
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Whole Child Health Collaborative


Whole Child Health is only successful when all facets of the child’s health are maintained: physical, cognitive, social-emotional, behavioral, and mental. For this collaboration, medical record integration, HIPPA compliance (security), and closed-loop referral tracking are in place. COMET Instruments Video

Security & Consent

Confidential, secure, and with the highest continuity of service. Designed with the most stringent data security and confidentiality requirements, COMET utilizes proven methods and algorithms from the banking, defense, and healthcare industries to prevent data breaches. HIPAA & FERPA: Compliance required for school-age and whole child health collaboratives. PARENT CONSENT: Requires proper disclosure to the parent, the ability for the parent to revoke consent, and expiration date for renewed consent. Parent Portal Video

Visualization & Reporting

The Data Reporter lets the user create reports allowing for customized dashboards with only the information they need and are allowed to see. Features include graphic visualization, identified and/or de-identified (based on consent), flexibility to create and aggregate groups, export filtered data, and leverage geocoded address data to understand regional trends…and more.

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