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COMET Who We Are

Learn more about the people behind the company, working to support our customers and improve outcomes for kids.

Name  Leonard Gingello (A.K.A. the creator of the amazing COMET team). It's a pleasure to work with our team of dedicated talent that works so well together in our humble mission to serve communities and precious children. 

Title  CEO

Background  After decades of experience in Senior Management, Program and Project Management at Harris, Mobil and IBM, and currently, co-owner, real estate investment companies LenMar and M2L2 Inc., I “retired” from corporate America in the fall of 2016.

Why COMET?  I was looking for a transitional job, in addition to co-ownership, of my real estate investment companies, that focused on serving others. COMET 4 Children was the perfect fit.

Food: King Crab Legs
Movies: Romancing the Stone – Green Mile – A Star is Born (I predicted that Lady Gaga was so, SO talented when everyone else said: "she is so weird!"
Song: Uptown Funk and Fire Ball - keeps the blood flowing!  
Sunday Afternoon Activity: Relaxing car ride or yard work with my wife….really!

What’s Next?  I really enjoy seeing my 20s-year-old Daughter and Son setting out on their career paths, ensuring they know Mom and Dad will do as we always have, supporting their dreams and aspirations. As for COMET, we will continue to innovate and do everything we can to improve the lives of as many children and families as possible with tools for data driven decision making.