Out-of-School-Time (OST)

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Where Did You Spend Your Time When You Weren’t in School?

For many people,

BGCA-Specific Functionality

How will your club, staff and kids succeed? Use data to create more compelling stories and drive decision-making.

In May we attended the New York State Network for Youth Success conference in Saratoga Springs, NY. It's always great to be in the company of like-minded folks, people all working to improve the lives of young people and help them stay on track for success in life. Their motto of  “Empower Youth Success” is spot on.

This year's theme was “School's Out, Make It Count!” - which for data people like us begs the question, what makes something count? 

Screening & Referral to Improve Outcomes

Complete screening of three-year-olds to identify needs early and refer children for proper professional care and timely intervention.

Better Data Management for Better Results

Boys & Girls Club of Buffalo, through a Gift of Support from the Cullen Foundation, implemented COMET in conjunction with improved data management practices. Leveraging the operational features to survey program outcomes, take attendance, manage membership and report required information to funders and Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA), they use COMET to run their operations and improve them. The organization’s transformed data management practices leverage COMET to achieve better results for the youth served, and all their stakeholders.

Preventing Summer Learning Loss

Summer learning loss is an important topic in conversations about supporting student success.

“Healthy Michigan Today” Collaboration for Youth

The Michigan Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs is leveraging COMET to implement the “Healthy Michigan Today” program.

Improving School Attendance

Demonstrating impact: Boys & Girls Club of Rochester links club attendance to increased school attendance!

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