Interested in Protective Factors?

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COMET is now implementing The Protective Factors Survey (PFS). This is a 20-item measure in the public domain designed for use with caregivers receiving services such as home visiting, parent education, and family support. It is a pre-post survey completed by the program participants, usually parents or caregivers.

The PFS measures protective factors in five areas:

  1. Family functioning/resiliency
  2. Social support
  3. Concrete support
  4. Nurturing and attachment
  5. Knowledge of parenting/child development

The survey results are designed to provide agencies with the following information:

  • A snapshot of the families they serve
  • Changes in protective factors
  • Areas where workers can focus on increasing individual family protective factors

Contact us for more details and/or to get access to this instrument.


Credit: FRIENDS National Resource Center