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Experiencing data management challenges in your efforts to help children and families? ... Quickly implement new ways to automate and track services

♦ Access a complete child history including specific sevices provided
♦ Full-circle follow-up: track if a child received services; if not, why; know if services are effective
♦ Have meaningful outcome data; know what works and what doesn't
♦ Support whole-child health

Both health and human services organizations are dedicated to helping people live healthy, full lives. Whether you deliver therapeutic services to young children, teens, the elderly, the disabled or the general population, COMET can support your work, including in home visitation settings. Our customers have utilized our complete web-based data management system to deliver high quality services, track progress, report on their activities to regulatory agencies, state and federal funders, and more. This includes integration with school district and other community organizations to reduce duplication of data collection efforts and increase data quality. COMET is reliable and secure to help you maintain strict data confidentiality. Track attendance for group and one-to-one services, conduct pre/post tests to evaluate the progress and outcomes of your program, leverage service management and case management features for referrals and follow-up, and provide reports with audit capabilities and electronic signature.

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Notable Features

There's so much important information about children and youth; track it all with COMET!

One of the trickiest parts of working with data is managing all that information - keeping it organized, up to date and easy to access. COMET knows that quality outcome evaluation starts with clean data. Manage your data with ease, including the following features:

  • Identify and merge duplicate records with one-click
  • Track longitudinal student/member data over time
  • Over 100 student/member data fields available
  • Add new fields to student/member records to track your unique information
  • Supports multiple IDs for a single student/member - for example: a program ID, school ID and state ID

Track progress and demonstrate outcomes using reliable data.

The screening, pre-post assessment, and testing capability in COMET allows you to evaluate child and youth progress in real-time. Educators and providers at all levels agree that individual assessment and program evaluation are two best practices needed to deliver quality programs and improve outcomes. COMET offers multiple assessment, testing and screening options that are intuitive and easy to get started with. COMET can help you collect the data you need to inform policy at all levels and truly make a difference in the lives of the children and youth you serve. 

  • Individual assessment for children and youth
  • Monitor response progress to increase completion rates
  • Aggregate data to report at the group level
  • Individual pre- and post-assessment reporting to support instruction
  • Group pre- and post-assessments to evaluate program effectiveness
  • Screen students for RtI and/or benchmark an intervention's progress
  • Summarize and report assessment results with a few clicks
  • Share data with stakeholders to inform decision-making
  • Think long-term and track data longitudinally to understand trend

What is 'Individual Assessment'?

Collecting data on the individual children and youth you serve, beyond just demographics, is critically important. For example, an individual assessment, collected multiple times throughout a program (generally at the start and at the end) will help you gage an individual's progress. Results can be aggregated to learn about the program as a whole, or use that child-level data to understand how each program member is doing.

What is 'Program Evaluation'?

At its most basic, program evaluation is answering questions. The most common question is - does my program work? Demonstrating the impact you make with your programs is not as hard as it seems. The COMET system and our team are here to support you as you get started with evaluation. But first, you need to know what your question is. How are effective approaches determined? Screening is the first step because it leads to early identification of at-risk children and youth. Real-time feedback is an effective tool for developing plans and interventions. But, assessment and testing are important at the group level, too. Use aggregate data to track progress and inform decision-making.

Confidential, secure and with the highest continuity of service. Designed with the most stringent data security and confidentiality requirements, COMET utilizes proven methods and algorithms from the banking, defense and healthcare industries to prevent data breaches. COMET's approach to security protects individual and group information better than our competitors. Confidential client information is stored and protected on COMET servers, with the highest level of security. Our customer agreement clearly outlines our obligations and responsibilities related to security. COMET uses a multi-layered approach to protect customer data: COMET is a web application and all data transfers between your computer and the COMET server are performed under the https:// protocol which ensures data encryption. COMET systematically protects its transactions. Access to the COMET database is protected by several layers of firewalls, filters, page servers and other protective devices, making direct access to the database from the internet extremely difficult. COMET uses field-level U.S. Department of Defense approved encryption algorithms. COMET servers are hosted in a professional data center where physical access to the system is controlled and monitored. The data center offers protection against fire, power and internet access failure. In the event of a brute force attempt to break into the system, the COMET security team is notified immediately.
Service and case management features are designed to track services provided on an individual basis such as mentoring, tutoring or family support services (translation, legal support, food, etc.). First, users configure the services that will be recorded and which information is relevant for each service type. Then, services are recorded according to their specific configuration. Service records can be closed immediately (service rendered), left open (service in progress) or referred. Extensive reporting allows for measuring counts, dosage and costs. 
One-on-one needs: Students or members with special needs sometimes receive support and services from child professionals and staff on a one-on-one basis. This module helps administrative personnel to track the activity around these specialized services, specifically the amount of service delivered for evaluation, billing and payroll purposes.
Does your organization need to manage parental consents for specific activities, actions or gathering information?  (sports, accessing the Internet, emergencies, allowing the child to walk out of the facility, accessing school records, etc.) With COMET, users can configure the information managed with each type of consent (valid until date, signed by, witness, scanned paper copies). These consents can be recorded for each child and our reports allow users to identify which consents are still valid, reprint the scanned documents and more. Customize the consents you need to track and use advanced features to monitor expirations and ensure full compliance with parental requests.
An important additional capability is being developed to manage immunization information.  The immunization module will allow an organization to define the types of immunizations they wish to track, and then enter and track the details of these immunizations, including support for reporting, alerts and reminders.
In community data sharing initiatives, participants share information regarding children they service. COMET can be a key technology backbone to create a community-wide information system that supports interactions with many service providers to deliver a comprehensive, longitudinal perspective on each child to provide better, faster and continuously improved services. COMET supports community data sharing using the concepts of Data Owners and Data Seekers with information sharing at aggregated, de-identified child-level or identifiable child-level, depending on the parent consent processes and data sharing agreements set up between participating organizations.

Customer Spotlight

Vaccination Consent: A unique COMET team project in the health field was in partnership with an area university and medical center's department of pediatrics. We launched a program aimed at raising the number of students who receive the flu vaccination in schools by making it easy for parents to give their consent online. Initial reports show an increase in vaccination rates of 5%.

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