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Do you want to be more involved with data collection and reporting done by your grantees? The COMET team understands the demands on agencies to report to their funders, and we also understand the need for funders to track where their dollars are going. COMET offers a way to standardize and consolidate data collected from multiple sources.

Using COMET, you have access to provider data in real-time. Don't wait until the end of a program cycle to learn what is working and what is not. Get involved mid-program to support providers and improve outcomes. The COMET reporting modules make it easy for you to produce the data your community needs. Make informed choices when it comes to fund allocation, and go further providing high-quality services to those in need.

With COMET, you can:

  • Implement evaluation strategies to understand a program's effectiveness.
  • Consult with Children’s Institute’s trained research staff in outlining and implementing your plan.
  • Improve outcomes for children by tracking their progress, on an individual level, across multiple domains.
  • Report at all levels to evaluate effectiveness and improve outcomes.

Customer Spotlight

Foundation Profile

To support data collection for their local afterschool coalition, one community, with their local foundation for support, chose to work with COMET because of our experience and expertise. Utilizing COMET allows all their funded providers to enter their attendance data into a single place. They also complete pre-post assessments for their program kids. The coalition director can then log in and monitor trends and response rates throughout the year to make sure programs are progressing as planned. Ongoing access to their data means it can be used to inform programs and practices throughout the year, no need to wait until the end of the program to understand if it's making a difference.

United Way of Greater Rochester Profile

“COMET easily complements our accountability work, program oversight and investment analysis, in a cost- and time-efficient way.” - Patricia Leo, Director of Community Investment, United Way of Greater Rochester. 

To read more about our work with the United Way of Greater Rochester, click here.

To watch the testimonial video, click here.

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