Who We Are - Brett Maddock

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Who We Are - Brett Maddock

Learn more about the people behind the company, working to support our customers and improve outcomes for kids.

Name Brett Maddock - I'm the youngest of 3 "Br" boys - Brad, Bryan and Brett (I think it's important to note that I went from the smallest to the tallest!)

Title Account Manager - I'm the newest on the team, just joining COMET on April 15.

Background I'm from a family where nobody sits still and I am no exception. My parents idea of retirement is to open up a restaurant. It's called Bone Appetit Smokehouse BBQ & Bakery, and it specializes in dry rubs and smoked meats, as well as baked goods. One important lesson I learned from my parents is that family time fun should be a focus of life. My upbringing was about being involved in family activities: sports, coaching, Elks Lodge, ... not much time for TV! Being from a small town, I was involved in about everything including saxophone, musicals such as the Wizard of Oz and My Fair Lady (dancing and singing), football and coaching. I also began working at a grocery store at age 15.

Why COMET? I'm excited for the opportunity to join in our increasingly successful efforts to use technology in support of those who work with kids. I'm a part of something that matters for children and our future.

Favorites I'm an avid golfer and online gamer - I like to think of it as a balance of outdoor and indoor activities. I also love traveling with my brother. We are on a mission to visit the top 100 private golf courses in America. We've been to Pebble Beach, TPC, Sawgrass, Beth Page and of course, Oak Hill in Rochester, NY.

What’s Next? A new house! Time to get organized and make it a home. I plan to build a pergola and update some rooms. And at COMET, I would love to be involved in the customer engagement process; I'm always about continuous improvement!


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