Getting Ready for Summer

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Getting Ready for Summer

Now that we’ve all made it through Winter’s blizzards and dealt with Spring’s rain, many of us are preparing for the Summer; not just the vacations that we plan to take with our families, but also making sure that the COMET database is set up and ready to handle the influx of members, both old and new, for the new season. Here are a few tricks to help turn this daunting task into the much-needed breeze that we can all use throughout the warm-weather season!

COMET Member Management:

With the high volume of children coming in and out of the building, it’s difficult to keep up with your active members. COMET has a built-in member management feature that allows you to define memberships, so you can keep of track of your Afterschool Members vs. your Summer Members. This makes the rostering process a lot easier when it comes to figuring out which kids belong where.

COMET Member Cards:

If you are one of the many users finding it difficult to keep up with the members as they come and go, why not allow them to sign themselves in and out? One of the many features built into COMET is the ability to create COMET Member Cards. Combine that with an affordable USB scanner found on Amazon (link here), you can allow the members to scan in and out of the club in real-time, on their own.

Transfer Program Wizard:

A lot of our users don’t realize that if you plan to re-use the same Programs and Classes from a previous Summer or COMET year, there’s no need to recreate them. With the correct privileges, you have the ability to hand-pick and transfer your Programs and Classes from one year to the next. 

Last, but not least, always feel free to reach out to the COMET support team by phone at 585-673-3200 or by email at The purpose behind getting a database is to make your life easier. If you’re finding that that’s not the case, reach out to us for some consultation on how we can help to make that happen!


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