A New Year for COMET

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With 2019 approaching, we wanted to take some time and share with you our thoughts for what next year will bring. This past year was filled with change for us as both of our founders, Dr. Serge Lossa and Dr. Dirk Hightower, are retiring and we moved to our office. Along with all this change, we're excited to bring our customers some new features that have long been requested and some more exciting updates to our product.

So, what can you expect in 2019? The short answer is, A LOT! Our team has been experimenting with new development technology which is more flexible and mobile-friendly. We're looking at our approach to reporting and thinking about opportunities for improvement. We rolled out a beta Parent Portal and are anxious to launch that to additional customers... and so much more!

While we view 2018 as a great year, we're also looking forward to what's coming next. The COMET Team appreciates all of our customers, the new ones - as well as those who have been with us since the beginning. This coming year we have plans to bring you more value in support of your mission.

Customer Success Stories

Upstate Cerebral Palsy

Data and Reporting to Inform Instruction


United Way of Greater Rochester

Monitor & Improve Program Effectiveness



Preventing Summer Learning Loss


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