Collaborating for Change in Toledo

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Over the past year, COMET has been working closely with Aspire Toledo, a StriveTogether community-based initiative using a data-driven approach to identify needs and reinforce behaviors, best practices and programs that are creating successful futures for their children. With the input from the Aspire Toledo team, COMET has developed a robust and flexible reporting platform that takes in a number of data elements and allows for in depth reporting and analysis on how outside program participation affects the academic life of a student.

It started with the school district’s participation with the collaborative, providing academic information such as assessment results, disciplinary records and attendance records. From there, we were able to build a baseline of the student records. By establishing a baseline of students, this paved the way for outside programs to use the COMET database operationally and contribute their data to the already powerful student records provided by the school district. Now you may be wondering, “What about the programs that already have their own database”? With that in mind, a Roster Contributor application was developed that allowed these programs to submit their rosters using identifiers like a Student ID to match up with the students provided by the school district. In return, a reporting group is created that “tags” these children, allowing Aspire Toledo to do a deep dive on how participation in these programs plays a role in the academics of these students.

Aspire writes, “At Aspire Toledo, we believe by investing in improved education outcomes we can dramatically improve the lives of children and the future economic prosperity of our community. We are doing our part to make a high functioning educational eco-system through: 1) collaborating with community partners, organizations, and institutions and 2) creating accountability to outcomes by providing insight and tools with data. To achieve these goals, we have been working with COMET to create a unique tool that provides data to area partners to ensure they are data-driven and data-informed.  The tool’s community-level data identifies gaps, measures key performance indicators, and provides predictive metrics. All of these benefits facilitate continuous improvement processes in our community. Throughout the design and implementation, we have been able to work with COMET to ensure the one-of-a-kind needs of the users are met and the dashboards reflects these desires.  Ultimately, the generated data reports create accountability and transparency that ensures our local students have access to high-quality programming, critical for discussions with both community partners and funders.”


COMET is very excited for this new development and we look forward to our continued partnership with Toledo Aspire in helping them achieve their goals. Learn more about School-Age Collaborative Solutions and contact us for more information.