identiMetrics™ Biometric ID Management

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identiMetrics Biometric ID Management

The COMET / identiMetrics Partnership aligns our common missions: provide leading technology to securely support child-centered organization needs, to simplify operations and improve results. Imagine, no more slow lines while children struggle to remember their ID numbers or search for a lost ID card. They simply touch the biometric scanner and within a second, they’re on their way. Each identiMetrics Scan Point™ comes with a biometric scanner and biometric software. Plus, identiMetrics biometric experts are able to join your team remotely and do all the installation and configuration to work perfectly with COMET.

Absolutely Unforgettable ID

Biometric Finger Scan Attendance Technology

  • Cutting-edge biometric scanners
  • World class encryption
  • Blazing fast read/return rates
  • Experts in the psychology of biometrics for K12
  • Over 1 million students scan everyday
Attendance Accuracy, Efficiency and Security

This integrated attendance system is for teams who are struggling with paper and spreadsheets, cards and PINs, and want to implement a better approach - no data entry; no cards or numbers to remember. identiMetrics simplifies attendance processes and identification management to help staff perform at their best. It integrates with COMET through the student/member ID securely leveraging the biometric database located on your organization’s hardware network. The system provides efficient, accurate, hassle free reporting, accounting and metrics, along with happier staff, parents and members! identiMetrics is 100% safe, secure and accurate, even for young children. The exemplary support staff understands the time sensitive needs of child-centric attendance processes.

About identiMetrics

identiMetrics Biometric ID Management™ is for forward-thinking child-centric organization leaders, including afterschool program directors and school administrators, who are interested in simplifying identification management for students, members and staff. This time-tested biometric technology was developed with K12 schools in mind by a former Principal who understands the daily frustrations of school administrators.

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For more information call us at COMET at 585.512.8484; email us at or feel free to reach out to identiMetrics directly at 215.836.5640 x106 or visit