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COMET and Aperture work together in their shared mission: working with all members of school and out-of-school-time communities (both children and adults) to support informed decision-making, raising organizational quality and improving outcomes for kids. This is accomplished by providing accurate and actionable data about a students social and emotional needs and pairing the data with research-informed strategies, resources, and reporting results ensuring that they have the social and emotional skills to be successful, productive, and happy. 

Specifically, this partnership brings the Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA) into reach for child-centric organizations all over the country via the COMET System.
The DESSA System is used to screen, assess, monitor progress, measure outcomes, and strengthen the social-emotional competence of all students, K-12. The DESSA measures are one of the few supported by rigorous research that meets or exceeds strict industry standards. This data indicates that the DESSA is a reliable and valid tool for measuring social and emotional skills.

  • Pinpoint each student’s exact social-emotional strengths.
    In minutes, identify a student’s specific social-emotional strengths and needs across eight CASEL-aligned competencies with reliable data from the DESSA.


  • Develop students’ social-emotional skills.
    Intentionally act on DESSA data with hundreds of lessons for building social-emotional skills. Use these for individual student or group interventions or as supplements to universal curricula.


  • Ensure that interventions are working.
    Monitor student progress toward social-emotional goals in one minute per student with the DESSA-mini. That’s right, in just 60 seconds know whether the supports you’ve implemented are working and make timely adjustments as needed.


  • Build your staff’s capacity for delivering social-emotional instruction.
    Customize professional development to support your school or program staff and bolster their personal social-emotional skills so they are better able to support students’ social-emotional needs.

Aperture Education ROOTS

In 2017, we grew out of two organizations – the Devereux Center for Resilient Children, a non-profit focused on creating resilient children, and Apperson, Inc, a for-profit focused on making sure educators have good data to make great instructional decisions. In order to realize their shared goals, a partnership was born: Aperture Education, a company rooted in the belief that our children hold the promise for a better tomorrow with an obligation to ensure that they have the skills and mindsets necessary to be good stewards of our future.

We encourage you to learn more about social and emotional learning and the positive impact it has on our youth.
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Aperture Education APPROACH

We achieve this by providing teachers, out-of-school-time staff, parents and students with accurate and actionable data about their social and emotional strengths and needs. We pair this data with research-informed strategies and resources leading to improved outcomes.


For more information call us at COMET at 585.673.3200; email us at info@comet4children.com or feel free to reach out to Aperture Education directly at 844.685.2499 or visit https://apertureed.com.