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COMET enjoys a strong working relationship with a variety of collaborative, quality companies with proven experience. Our partnerships are founded in ethics, excellence, innovation, cooperation, professional growth and fellowship. We recognize a strategic value in working together, and our clients benefit from the organizations' combined strengths. This approach has strategically expanded industry, technical and domain knowledge for all parties.

Children's Institute
Children's Institute in Rochester, NY is our not-for-profit partner. We work hand-in-hand to support the success of children.

identiMetrics™ is for forward-thinking organizational leaders interested in leveraging biometric technology to simplify identification management of students, members and staff.

Aperture Logo
The mission of Aperture Education is to ensure that all members of school and out-of-school-time communities, both children and adults, have the social and emotional skills to be successful, productive, and happy.
COMET and Aperture work towards this mission by providing teachers, out-of-school-time staff, parents and students with accurate and actionable data about their social and emotional strengths and needs. Pairing the data with research-informed strategies, resources, and reporting results that lead to improved outcomes for children.