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Curious how it all begins? We call it "Onboarding" ...

The team defined in your proposal will get you started with COMET, led by your assigned COMET account manager. Typically, the steps include gathering data for import into COMET, setting up the appropriate site, program, class and staff structures, import of appropriate data from your existing system, training of initial operational needs, and a follow up training to answer questions and add more detail to the previous training. Throughout onboarding, your COMET account manager will check on how your team is using COMET and help with suggestions for continuous improvement efforts to implement your defined organizational goals.


Identify key team members, including COMET team leader and Client team leader. Define roles and responsibilities – from both COMET and your team – and mutually agree on key onboarding project items.
In preparation for the actual agreement between COMET and your organization, information is gathered to create your "client record" and initial setup.
The COMET team uploads your data for participating sites and reviews it in order to transfer only relevant information. Based on the data you provide, the COMET team does an initial data load creating student/member and school/site records. We make sure you start off with a clean, up-to-date database.
Based on the data you provide, the COMET team creates new users according to appropriate training schedules. This includes setup of initial users and access levels, including COMET Administrators.
An "Initial Login" email is sent automatically by COMET. The COMET team monitors this first login email and gets systems communications up and running smoothly.
The COMET team often sets up a test environment for COMET Administrators to explore and experiment with your COMET system without impact to your real production database.
We provide your selected COMET administrators a thorough introduction to COMET, and work with you to help lay out the usage processes that will work best for your organization. Your COMET Administrators are then prepared to train operational end-users.
According to the plan made during Onboarding Kickoff, the COMET team leader will verify with the team that mutually agreed project completion criteria have been met, gather feedback from onboarding project participants for continuous improvement efforts and formally close out onboarding.

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