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So, what does the COMET system do?

COMET works with people who are looking to improve outcomes for kids, whether it's in school, out of school, early education providers or community advocates. Our web-based system is used for data collection and reporting to support informed decision-making and raise organizational quality. COMET features provide immediate, easy access for authorized users by linking new and existing data sources and systems.

The value of COMET includes:
  • 24/7 access to child, classroom and program data
  • Data to create need-based lesson and activity planning
  • Easy recording and reporting for attendance records and dosage
  • Reporting to meet the requests of all stakeholders
  • Individualized data for progress monitoring and intervention
  • Identification of children with unmet needs for faster, easier referral


    COMET customers have achieved:
    • 95% to 98% on-time completion of assessments
    • 25% to 40% reduction in the time required for completion compared to paper
    • Savings equivalent to one full-time employee in a year
    COMET has served:
    • Over one million children and youth since we started in 2009
    • 340 clients who have used COMET to improve outcomes
    • More than 60,000 users registered in our system from all across the U.S.

    Our customers use COMET in four basic ways:


    COMET OutcomesCOMET Outcomes: assess and understand the progress of children to identify gaps, report gains and understand needs.


    COMET OperationsCOMET Operations: operate a child-focused organization, including attendance, membership, programs, classes and activities.


    COMET ServicesCOMET Services: with all the features of Outcomes and Operations and the addition of our service module to support case management and referral tracking.


    COMET BackboneCOMET Backbone: implement collaborative community and funding organization initiatives, integrating longitudinal data to improve outcomes across a community.

    Our story Makes Us Unique

    Since 2008, the COMET team has been working to support the success of children. COMET was developed out of a partnership between two leading experts in their fields: A. Dirk Hightower, Ph.D. from Children's Institute, a center of excellence in supporting the social and emotional health of children, has been working with communities, schools and other not-for-profits for over 30 years in an effort to support the success of children; and Serge Lossa, Ph.D. from SophiTEC, Inc., a software development firm specializing in web-based, database applications. Learn more about the COMET Team.

    Our Founders:

    A. Dirk Hightower, PhD
    COMET Co-Founder
    Senior Associate, Children's Institute

    Serge Lossa, PhD
    COMET Co-Founder
    President, SophiTEC


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