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COMET presentation at Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS)

COMET presentation at Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS)

COMET was featured at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) Meeting in Baltimore, MD on April 27, 2019 at a session entitled "The Creation of Shared Data Ecosystems to Improve Outcomes in Children." The presentation topic was "COMET Integrated Data Platform: Linking Vision Care Between Health, Education, Community Organizations, and Parent" and was one of four presentations. The full session, affiliated with the American Academy of Pediatrics, had the following objectives: 

  1. To describe the challenges in utilizing clinical data from the EMR,
  2. To discuss different approaches in integrating clinical data with other databases to improve outcomes,
  3. To examine the challenges in creating shared data ecosystems,
  4. To identify unique factors and stakeholders that are necessary to consider in developing a shared data ecosystem and
  5. To illustrate the implications of shared data ecosystems on childhood and population health outcomes.

The esteemed presenter was Jeff Kaczorowski, MD, Professor and Vice Chair for Community and Government Relations, University of Rochester Department of Pediatrics and Founding Director, The Children’s Agenda.

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