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COMET Professional Services: Data Quality

COMET's community data sharing model - Data Sharing Management (DSM) - is implemented using three complementing layers and is accessible by COMET Data Sharing Management (DSM) administrators. This resource provides details on "DSM Services" provided by COMET in support of our collaborative community customers. 

  • Layer 1 - Mapping Layer: records the mapping of each single child across the data owner databases
  • Layer 2 - Filtering Layer: filters which child record is accessible based upon recorded parent consent and organizational data sharing agreements
  • Layer 3 - Reporting Layer: provides reports and data extraction based upon the (1) child mapping in the Mapping Layer (2) access authorization in the Filtering Layer and (3) report format - aggregated, de-identified or single identifiable subject.

Download the Data Sharing Management (DSM) Services overview