Keeping Parents Engaged with COMET Portal V.2

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Parent Portal Child Health & Education Data Sharing

Parent Portal V.2 has some exciting additional features - the ability for parents to complete assessments through the portal, a messaging system, the ability to view and share records, and much more! This web-based, mobile-friendly, HIPAA/FERPA compliant application allows parents to stay in contact with the organization serving their child.

For the Parents:

  • Manage your child’s information:
    • Update basic information on their child's record
    • Upload pictures of the children
    • View their children and see individual stats like:
      • Next steps (referrals, calendar reminders, etc...)
      • Unread messages
      • Screening results
  • Parent Profile:
    • Update their basic information like address and contact information
  • Message Center
    • Two-way messaging between the Organization and Parent
    • Parents can follow up with referrals (or deny them) and notify the navigator through the application
    • The navigators can attach resources to the screening results and sign off that the parent followed up with a referral.
    • Notifications are sent to the parent to alert when there is:
      • A new message from the navigator or organization
      • Prompt for a new screening result or rescreening
      • Navigator has approved a parent's follow up to the referral
  • Screening Completion:
    • Parents can complete assessments on their children, such as:
    • ASQ-3, ASQ-SE, WE-CARE
  • Services
    • List of the services and service providers assigned to the child
  • Referral Request
    • Allows parents to request a screening if they see a need not addressed by the navigators
  • Consent Portal
    • Allows parents to manage data sharing consents for each service provider

Viewing Options

  • PDF versions of the child's consent will be uploaded and tied to each child for parents to view
  • Screening results 
    • Scores, summaries, and notes will be available to the parent for each screening
    • Depending on the outcome of the screening, comments will be available to support why their child may need a rescreen or why a referral may be recommended
      • Similar screenings will be grouped for easy navigation and trend visibility
  • Calendar
  • Allows for clean interpretation of next steps necessary for a child which included:
    • Referrals
    • Rescreens
    • Appointments
    • Other "To-Do" list items needed to be completed for a child
  • The parent can see a timeline view of the child's screenings in the app or download them in a PDF report




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