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Case Study - CIDS & Chemung County - Partnering with the County to Improve Outcomes

The mission of Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Developmental Services (CIDS) is to enable each child to reach his/her developmental potential in the most cost-effective way. The agency is dedicated to creating and implementing an integrated system of identification, referral, and single source access to child development services. 

Working with Chemung County, CIDS is piloting a foundational approach to developing and maintaining a county-wide database, starting at birth, to serve children and promote their healthy development. With COMET, they have access to a longitudinal database that can store and track all the data related to individual children, their families, and support network, from birth weight and maternal depression screening, to pre-k program attendance and kindergarten readiness.

Performance metrics include:

  • 20% increase in school readiness over 5 years
  • Over 3,000 children registered in the system
  • 5,300 assessment responses collected 

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