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Our Customers

Childcare & Youth Organizations

A lot of responsibilities come with caring for the children of others, whether you are a club, early childhood, out-of-school time (OST) or other type of organization.


Children's Institute Programs

Are you a Primary Project site? COMET is available to help you screen and evaluate the progress of your program in an efficient way by using an electronic system, not paper.


Communities & Counties

The needs of a community are unique and require a custom system. COMET offers a solution which is flexible and focused around your community's goals and indicators.


Funding Agencies & Foundations

Looking to be more involved with the data collection & reporting done by your grantees? COMET offers a way to standardize and consolidate data from multiple sources.


Health & Human Services

The health & human services sector helps people to live healthy, full lives. Use COMET to support high quality services, track progress, report on activities to regulatory agencies.


Schools & Districts

Use COMET in your school(s) for screening, response to intervention (RtI) & program evaluation. Tracking of "non-routine" data can be a challenge; COMET is the solution.



Customer Success Stories

Upstate Cerebral Palsy

Data and Reporting to Inform Instruction


CIDS & Chemung County

Partnering with the County to Improve Outcomes


COMET Professional Services: Data Quality

Quality = Continuous Improvement


What's it take to start using COMET?

Complete our Initial Fit Assessment. With this baseline information, we can set up a time to meet with your team to perform a detailed Fit Assessment, reviewing your specific situation and needs with appropriate decision makers in your organization. This process will help determine if COMET is the best fit for you.

After a Fit Assessment, COMET will leverage the documented results to develop a Proposal. Our Proposal provides a clear project plan and roadmap to success. With appropriate decision makers involved, the next step is to sign the Proposal and begin with COMET!
The team defined in the proposal will then conduct the implementation, led by your assigned COMET account manager. Typically, the steps include gathering data for import into COMET, configuring your organization, data import, and two rounds of training. Your COMET account manager will schedule support calls to help with suggestions to implement your defined organizational goals. Check out our Getting Started page for the details.


The Evolution of COMET

COMET began in 2008 as a way for Children’s Institute to su

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